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The Unspoken Value of Daring Leadership

Updated: May 2, 2020

The armor is breaking…

With over 16k views, this article stirs controversy by taking what we know about leadership and turning it right on its head. Brené Brown discusses 4 key elements that are crucial to moving from armored to daring leadership. Those elements are:

1. Rumbling with Vulnerability

2. Living into our Values

3. Braving Trust

4. Learning to Rise

When I think back on my employment experiences, I find that too many of them share the common thread of leading based on authoritarian leadership. While having a hierarchy of leadership is necessary, it is crucial leaders understand the need to grow and evolve.

Having this leadership strength of introspection and self-awareness can quite literally make or break an organization. What can you do as a leader to strengthen morale in the workplace? Below are 4 ways you can improve your leadership today.

1. Model in word and deed.

Many leaders lose respect from their employees when they consistently dole out orders, but do little else. The best leaders don’t have a problem with getting their hands dirty.

2. Use the 3T’s to identify the root cause of issues.

I had a professor in college that used this model to describe how to teach a lesson: “Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them.” Many times miscommunication occurs because the message we are trying to convey is not absorbed completely by the intended audience. In order to combat this, we need to explain the why behind the process along with the what and how.

3. Be vulnerable.

Particularly for executive leaders, it can be difficult to show vulnerability. Being vulnerable isn’t a weakness- it’s strength of character. It’s okay to show your soft side because it demonstrates your humanity.

4. Be real.

We live in an age where people can instantly recognize a picture that has been Photoshopped. Save the stage act for the press conferences and be authentically you around your employees.

If you’re ready to become a daring leader, click here to learn more.


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