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Your Leadership Development Program Sucks- How You Can Fix It

Updated: May 2, 2020

$3 trillion dollars…

That’s how much bad leadership costs in the United States. We've all heard how leadership sets the tone of the organization. What you probably haven't heard is how you can break this cycle TODAY. Here is a sneak peek at what your organization could be doing wrong:


Leadership begins at the bottom, not the top.

You heard correctly. Leadership begins with people who aren't even leaders (yet). The treatment of these future leaders will determine how the organization functions. Their input is crucial to building a program that is customized to their needs in addition to aligning with organizational goals.

Bad leadership doesn't happen overnight.

We've all had at least one leader who wasn't the best. We require our leaders to evaluate their subordinates, but who is evaluating them? Subordinates may be afraid to speak out.

There must be a way for them to communicate when something isn't right. As time goes on, people start to leave, productivity declines, and the bottom line suffers, all because of a leader (or leaders) who are no longer in line with the company's vision.

I went to a conference/read a magazine/someone told me about... and this is EXACTLY what my organization needs.

There are lots of trends when it comes to leadership- some good, some not so good. Just because it worked somewhere else and produced incredible results doesn't mean it will work for your organization.

No two businesses are alike, which is why leadership development programs must be customized for the organization. I recall being part of many failed initiatives because someone went to a conference, was wowed by the content, and demanded implementation without any thought to the employees being affected.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for leadership development. If you’re interested in improving your leadership development program, click here to learn more.


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