Customized Solutions for a Global Workforce

RMJ Consulting- the missing piece to your puzzle!
Organizational and Training Solutions

Customized solutions are available in the following areas:

  • Organizational Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Training Manuals/SOP's

  • Employee Development/Career Progression


100% Virtual Services Available!

Your Consultant

You can describe Renee James in just one word: sunshine. Renee is unique in how she radiates positivity no matter where she goes.


She has a Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Capella University. Renee has over 10+ years of experience with customized learning solutions.

Her client centered focus breaks the mold of the role of the traditional consultant.

The Process

The goal of RMJ Consulting is to provide customized solutions in a burgeoning global workforce. The three core parts are:

  1. 360 Degree Engagement

  2. Training Up

  3. Leadership Accountability


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