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The #1 Reason Why You Can't Retain Millennials

Updated: May 2, 2020

Just 2 words...

You read that correctly. Just 2 words are costing you millions of dollars every year.


These 2 words are a proven strategy that can work for your organization. The #1 reason millennials leave your organization is due to training "up." What does this mean? It means training employees to move up in the organization.

As a millennial employee, I spent nearly 5 years working in a Fortune 500 company, practically begging leadership to help me reach my career goals. What I ultimately received was lip service, zero promotions, and a pink slip when all was said and done. In response to the overwhelming myths and misinformation about the Millennial generation, I created a program that can increase retention rates up to 40%.

The program combines my experiences as a millennial employee and the latest empirical research on employee retention. How is this program different than other millennial employee retention programs? I have created a multi-faceted approach that addresses all aspects of employee retention and engagement. You can read Fortune or Forbes, but you'll only find this information here.

If you’re serious about investing in Millennial employee retention, click here to get access completely free without an email address.



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