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3 Shocking Statistics Killing Your Employee Engagement

Updated: May 2, 2020

It’s worse than you realize…

There is an awareness that employee engagement is important, but not on the strategies and ideas. Read the shocking stats below:


It’s no wonder that 13% of employees are highly engaged if only 50% of executives understand how to address the issue. Here are 3 ways to address employee engagement issues.

1. Start with leadership…

Chances are, if you have employee engagement issues, there’s at least one leader causing problems. However, most engagement surveys leave out front-line leadership. This is a critical piece that cannot be underestimated. Ask very specific questions about all leaders and you will better be able to pinpoint leadership issues.

2. Drill down…

Once you identify leadership issues, delve even further down to the front-line employees. Front-line employees are essentially customer liaisons, and you need their insight from the customer as well as their leadership. Over a third of employees (34%) worldwide think that their company doesn’t listen to their ideas for improving the business. It’s time for a real change to emerge.

3. And be brutally honest…

I saved this one for last because it’s a hard reality to face. Too many companies apply band-aid solutions for years until things can no longer be patched up. Changing employee engagement may require firing some people, allocating money for resources, and providing training opportunities. If you can’t afford-or don’t want to-make changes, expect things to get worse, not better.

Are you ready to not be a statistic? Click here to watch a short video about employee engagement.



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