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9 Quick and Easy Ideas to Enhance Employee Engagement

Updated: May 2, 2020

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Here are 9 quick and easy ideas to enhance employee engagement.


1. Appreciate Your Employees

Appreciation should be genuine, and more than being about hitting production targets.

2. Encourage them to Share their Ideas

Employees are one of your best resources to gain ideas. Don’t be afraid to try some of them out.

3. Help Your Employees to Know Each Other Better

Team building exercises are a great way to help employees learn more about each other.

4. Share Company Inside Information with Your Employees

Employees should be aware of changes in the company before it is made to the public. The worst thing is to have employees read the news and find out what’s happening in their own company.

5. Help them in their Professional Development

Nurture employees in their career goals…even if that means they will no longer be your employee.

6. Encourage Positive Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is more than exercise. Offer healthier options in the vending machines and in meetings, and encourage wellness initiatives such as yoga, Zumba, and power walking.

7. Emphasize Work-Life Balance

Flexible work schedules, bundling time off for all leave rather than sick days, and telecommuting are just a few ways that improve work-life balance.

8. Call Motivational Speakers

Motivational speakers are a great way to not only build confidence in employees, but showcase how their unique talents fit in with the organization. One Fortune 500 company employs this strategy each year for their employee appreciation week.

9. Anonymous Employee Satisfaction Survey

Surveys are great, but only if action is taken. If employees are taking time to complete the survey, you should be willing to take the time to implement some of the suggestions.

Want even more engagement ideas? Click here to watch a short video.



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