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Imagine doing a walkthrough of your building.


You walk by a supervisor’s office, who is working with an employee on taking courses to help

with a desired promotion.


Next, you pass by a conference room, where leadership is celebrating a record amount raised for

this year’s children’s charity.


Finally, you notice two employees in the hallway discussing how awesome it was to watch the

CEO get a cream pie in the face for charity.


As you conclude your walk, you start to smile. You’re smiling because you enrolled in this

program and are seeing an increase in employee engagement and better employee reviews.


But wait…. you haven’t.


All the engagement activities you’re doing mean nothing if your employees don’t have a voice.


This is where negative employee reviews come from…because someone isn’t listening.


There’s only one way you can fix this, and that’s by enrolling in this program.


Let’s set up a time to talk this week so we can transform this vision into a reality.


Renee James

Founder, RMJ Consulting

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